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Welcome to NicAmigo info site about Nicaragua especially prepared for people who want to know more about this fascinating and generally misunderstood country. Discover a land of friendly people, inherent beauty, unexpected contrasts and a rich history of turmoil and peace.

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Many people still think that it is not "safe" to visit Nicaragua which, unfortunately, is a result of misinformation and lack of awareness of the, for the most part, peaceful atmosphere and tranquility of the land and it's people.

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There has been much interest in the current political situation in Nicaragua which has caused stress amoung some people who either are planning to either visit the country, buy property, start a businesses or are worried about the investment(s) they have already made within Nicaragua. While the phrase "consider the source" can be negative or positive, NicAmigo strongly suggests that Americans review the information from the United States Department of State (see link below) for the latest information about traveling, investing or living in Nicaragua.

Rising inflation, deteriorating cooperation between the Nicaraguan and United States governments, evidence of some citizen unrest and increasing crime and violence (still among the lowest in Central America) can be factors needing your complete understanding before visiting any Central American country. Nicaragua is a great place to visit... just be knowledgeable and use common sense to minimize any problems that may be associated with your travel.

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Nicaragua adds new meaning to the word "potential" which can be found in some areas of the country as a result of a lot of needed help from many global "friends of Nicaragua".

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Visiting a Central American country without any idea of what to expect may not be an enjoyable experience for everyone. Living in or visiting Nicaragua is not the same as residing in your home country... maybe that is why we like it there and a few others may not.

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The beautiful beaches, breathtaking views, interesting accommodations and friendly people welcome you. With appropriate planning, a visit to Nicaragua should be an enjoyable experience and provide a lifetime of memories. ¡Bienvenidos!

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"Nicaragua is Nicaragua
because of it's people and it's beauty
and nothing will ever change that fact"

Jeffrey Finch, President of Laguna, S.A.

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